Witch in the kitchen

So, I’ve been quite busy lately – hence the lack of blog posts! I’ve been making tinctures and potions and birthday presents filled with love (see pics below). One thing that has kept me from catching the typical yearly head cold has been a red wine sage mixture…. yeah I know what you’re thinking ‘This chick starts her day off with a glass of red wine? That explains alot.’ But seriously. I’ve been reading this book on the healing properties of sage that I rented from the library, and adapted the recipe from it.

cinnamon, (green + black) cardamon, sage and ginger boiled in red wine.
cinnamon, (green + black) cardamon, sage and ginger boiled in red wine.
birthday present for a great friend - homemade oils
the English translation: for love and the fire within, may it burn for a long time

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Neue Heimat – RAW Gelände in Berlin Friedrichshain

Plants and old boxes… reminds me of how I decorate at home!

I love this place. It’s called Neue Heimat near the imfamous Warschauerstraße S-bahnhof. It’s not so much hipster as it is ‘Berlin’. Empty barrels are actually stocked with wood and old paper, so that people can feel free to light it on fire when darkness falls.

Prices are a bit on the higher side, but to make it accessible for all, people are (almost) free to carry in their own drinks or food. Music instuments always welcome. There’s live music, a section for massage and empty hospital beds from the 1940s. Dogs, kids, strollers, tourists, locals, bottle collectors, vendors and of course the spontaneous flea market that’s set up outside the gates. It’s the epitome of Berlin – the CEO of my company is enjoying a wine as I sip Amaretto from my hip flask and we both watch a live band sing a song about freedom.

My friend Leyla made stuffed grape leaves. So delicious! Great picnic!


Thankfully, the techno music is too loud for me to hear what’s actually going on in the thai massage parlour.


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I know I haven’t been blogging a lot lately, so I just wanted to show y’all why :-) I’ve been having way too much fun offline!

Don’t forget the beauty around you


Maybe it’s the rain…. inspires me and calms me and afterwards? Every hue appears more vibrant when the sun finally burtst forth after a heavy shower. The smells are clearer, the streets aren’t as crowded. More opportunity for enjoying the simple beauty that surrounds me every day.

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If you’re keen on art, you may recognise the goddess in my watercolour as ripped off– *ahem* inspired by Mucha. Otherwise, simple sketches of my self.

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Fall Harvest

Alas, I’ve been busy lately with work, side projects, music, and most of all meeting up with friends. I haven’t planted much on my balcony, but have been enjoying it immensely! Though I now have to sleep with two duvet blankets, I manage to spend the entire night on the terrace, under the beautiful night sky and silen, looming towers of the Catholic church beside my flat.


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